Expanding welfare

John Redwood MP demolishes the argument that welfare in the UK is being attacked. Rather, it is being reformed, and reformed well

by Sir John Redwood MP on 1 April 2013 11:55

Today various papers and commentators have come out to say the Coalition government is dismantling the welfare system, cutting it beyond recognition. It is difficult to reconcile these extreme claims with the figures.

In 2009-10, the last Labour year, social security benefit expenditure amounted to £163.7bn and tax credits were £22.9bn.

The forecast for 2013-14 is £180.4bn on social security benefits and £29bn on tax credits, an increase of 12.2% in cash terms.

This is after the creation of many more new jobs and a small fall in the unemployment benefit claimant count.

Those who say they do not like Coalition attempts to reduce the pace of increase in benefit expenditure should tell us how much more than £209bn they wish to spend on benefits and tax credits, and where this money would come from.

This blog first appeared on John Redwood's diary and is republished with consent

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