British National Party warns, "Beware UKIP Zionists"

The UK's hard-left, nationalist British National Party has accused UKIP of selling out to the "Zionist Lobby"

by The Commentator on 1 April 2013 18:56


In contrast to our stories about the diversity of Middle-East views amongst UKIP members, the UK's British National Party has attacked the organisation as, "Zionists".

In an article posted on the hard-left nationalist BNP website, the party warns, "UKIP have sold-out to the Zionist lobby... Yet we know that Israel is an aggressive military power that treats the Palestinians as less than human." [sic]

The BNP includes in its election manifesto the following promises:

- The BNP will not allow British forces to become involved in a war against Iran;

- ...a halt to all further immigration, the deportation of all illegal immigrants;

- The BNP will ban the burka, ritual slaughter and the building of further mosques in Britain;

- The BNP will reintroduce capital punishment;

- The BNP will establish a penal station for hardened and repeat criminals on the British island of South Georgia 

The party is often misattributed as being "far-right" though their protectionist and sprendthrifty policies are more identifiable with hard-leftist organisations. 

The article on its website continues:

"The thin pretence of balance isn’t even attempted by “UKIP’s “Friends of Israel” (don’t expect a UKIP “Friends of Palestine” anytime soon!)" even though an outspoken Friends of Palestine in UKIP group has existed for many months.

The article was cross-posted from the "Third Way" website, which was set up by a former National Front, Communist Party and International Trade Union Solidarity member.

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