3KG of TNT used in Hezbollah Bulgaria attack

The bus that killed five Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian bus driver was blown up by 3 kilograms of TNT, say insiders

by The Commentator on 2 April 2013 11:57


The bomb that exploded last summer at Bulgaria's Sarafovo airport near the Black Sea city of Burgas was made with two to three kilos of trinitrotoluene or TNT, sources have said.

Apparentlys speaking off-the-record, insiders from the investigation told the Bulgarian National Radio that all expert reports on the terror act have now concluded.

The final details, such as the exact position of the bomber at the time of the explosion, will be established by the reenactment scheduled for April 26th, when two buses with dummies as passengers will be blown up.

Some witness accounts state that the bomber tried to put the explosives in the bus' luggage compartment, while others say he stood near the door.

The bus explosion killed a total of five Israeli tourists, the Bulgarian bus driver, and the perpetrator of the attack. Israel was quick to blame terrorist group Hezbollah for the bombing, and a subsequent investigation led to similar conclusions, with the Bulgarian Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov saying that the investigating authorities had gathered evidence pointing to a "reasonable assumption" about the involvement of Hezbollah in the Burgas bus bombing.

The case is now proving pivotal in the debate about the European Union proscription of Hezbollah.

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