Apple to launch 60 inch "iTV"? Sign me up...

This. looks. awesome.

by Phoenix on 4 April 2013 01:15

Possibly one that only we Apple fanboys (and girls) can get so excited about. I get it - a lot of people don't get all the hoo-hah about Apple products but everyone I've introduced them to is now as adamant about Apple as I.

So can you blame me (probably yes) for getting a little hot under the collar about this latest rumour?

Apple is set to launch a 60inch "iTV" later this year, claims one tech industry analyst. 

I for one welcome my new televisual overlords - especially when I think about how much I currently use my Apple products in conjunction with each other. My Macbook Air, iMac, iPad Mini and Apple TV all currently work harmoniously with each other. 

So what are the projected specs on the new TV?

Well, Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets seems convinced that Apple will launch the iTV in 2013,  accompanied by something called the "iRing" accessory (giggle).

According to White, the iRing is meant to serve as a navigational device, ultimately replacing some functionality provided by traditional remote controls, as well as enhance motion detection. White goes on to state that the iTV will be sold as a bundle with a mini iTV screen measuring 9.7”. This secondary display could be used for home security, video conference, phone calls and more.

It sounds a bit far-fetched when you think about it. Firstly, when does Apple ever give away accessories with its hardware? Rarely ever. I mean sure, the iRing you can understand - but actually the iTV would have to come with a standard remote too. So maybe you can buy the iRing seperately? Hmmm - of course, there is the problem of the "iRing" sounding ridiculous, too. Plus how do you cater for all ring sizes?

Also, I can tell you for sure no TV is going to ship with a free mini-TV with it, either. Again, perhaps - "sold separately"?

Either way, it's time the tech companies started shaking up the TV market again. I mean, they had SuperHD TVs in Japan like 3 years ago. Where's mine?!

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