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Mr. Cameron, where are the ideas that will reignite this great nation and turn its fortunes around?

Making Britain Great
Robert Phillips
On 4 April 2013 10:28

Thomas Jefferson once declared: “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take from you everything you have.” We, the people, need to take heed of those words.

Much has been written over the past few years as to why Britain entered into an untethered spiral of decline starting at the beginning of the last century. Much has also been written about why the nation once described as the light of the world has turned inwards and accepted its decline and reduced status with a heavy serving of self-loathing and a sprinkle of self-deprecating humour.

Sure, the stealthy rise of Fabian socialism, the expensive and expansive wars, the development of casino banking, and the nonsense of the welfare state are all partly to blame. But if you want to know the key reason then you need only look at the experience and skill-set of the Front-bench politician.

What has not been offered is an alternative to this decline. What has not been offered is an alternative to the status quo. What has not been offered is real hope for real and substantial change.

Britain’s death spiral has not just been geo-political, or economic, but (importantly) it has been social too. This is best exemplified by the entitlement culture that created Mick Philpott, a vile wretch of a man who fathered 17 children and has lived off the state his entire life. His motivation for breeding and his eventual downfall was to get a bigger home and extract yet more money from the people. This is man who leeched £60,000 in benefits from taxpayers’ pockets each and every year. If he had worked for a living he would have had to earn more than £90,000 to match the money paid to him on our behalf. Now he is going to jail he will cost even more.

Having previously written about the need for a new political structure in the country, and the coming EU super-storm, in this article I hope to offer some ideas that I believe would help reverse the trend of aimless policy meanderings we have witnessed, not just by this omnishambes of a coalition, but by every government since the heady oil-drenched years of Lady Thatcher.


- Income tax should be dropped to a flat 30 percent on all earnings. This would include National Insurance, which would be conflated into a flat tax. Doing this would both reduce tax collection costs and generic bureaucracy in the system.

- The first £10,000 of personal earnings will not be taxed. The long-term aim would be to increase this threshold, which would improve the purchasing power, freedom and economic immersion of the entire population.

- A new mandate will be required every time government seeks to add additional financial burdens on citizens. This will include the creation of new tax codes, or reduction in tax threshold. This will be put directly to the people via a referendum.

- All budget surpluses to be given back to the population via temporary reductions in VAT. Doing this would ensure that no vanity spending projects are to be created and government would be restricted in learning new ways of spending the public’s money.

- Capital gains tax to be abolished and integrated into the flat 30 percent tax rate. People will pay this 30 percent of all income no matter how that income is created, or earned.

- VAT will be lowered to 15 percent for all goods and services, with current exclusions remaining in place. The lowering of the tax rate will reduce the purchase price for the consumer and thus lead to growth across the economy.

- Local taxation remains as at present, but tied to inflation so as to protect citizens from ineffective spending by faceless bureaucrats in town halls. Once the staffing numbers in local councils have been reduced then the tax rates will be reduced in line with the reduced costs.

- Local councillors and government employees will be given prizes and/or bonuses by the state for making relevant savings and/or improvements in the services offered to the consumer. In addition to this a percentage of the reduction in the council tax paid by residents will be rewarded to staff. These incentives are aimed at maximising the potential for reduction of fat within local government.

- Removal of all green and carbon-based taxes. Russia, China, India don’t care enough to implement and/or enforce these taxes so why are western nations like Britain penalising their people through loss of competitiveness?

Business and Economy

- Immediate removal of Vince Cable from his position as Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills. He would be replaced by a business leader and entrepreneur of genuine merit with a track record of significant success.

- Corporation tax would be reduced to 10 percent. The UK should be widely recognised as the cheapest country in the world in which to both operate and to do business in. For a guaranteed 10 year period the poorer areas of the country would have zero rate corporation tax in order to help boost the local economies and convert public sector workers into private sector workers. This policy has proved highly successful at growing local economies during trials overseas.

- Foreign-based businesses would pay an additional 5 percent on income as a guest corporate. This additional cost is removed if/when the foreign company bases itself in the UK and/or employs a certain number of UK taxpayers.

- Remove all Keynesian economists from government and BoE offices. They are part of the problem, not the solution.

- Free trade agreements with NAFTA countries and the Commonwealth. When Britain leaves the European Union then a free trade agreement with the Europeans should also be sought. This could be negotiated as part of the exit strategy.

- A massive expansion in personal invitations for HNWI’s and global wealth generators to move to the UK. The invitations would outline the financial vision for the country and all the benefits basing themselves in the UK would bring.

- Foreign nationals should be able to buy their way into the UK for a £250,000 investment in business. This is similar to the successful scheme operated in the United States and Australia.

- Local cooperative banks encouraged. The UK financial services (retail banking) sector is heavily reliant upon a small number of major players. This is not the healthiest of positions as it increases the risk to the tax payer.

- Investment and retail banks separated from each other. Again, this will reduce the financial risk to the population.

- The Royal Mail postage service to be privatised at the first available opportunity. Additionally, all other loss-making government holdings to be sold off at the best possible price over the next decade.

- Have a policy of restocking our gold and precious metal reserves over the next decade.

- Changes in employment law to make hiring and firing easier for businesses, without reducing key protections to workers.

- Cancel the minimum wage.

- New and tougher rules on trade unions. Voting percentage to be increased to 90 percent of membership. It should be a matter of national shame that more working days are lost per year through strike action in the UK than in France, the perceived home of the strike.

- A massive ongoing campaign to get the British consumer to buy quality British products. If the Italians buy Italian and the French buy French then the British should be actively encouraged to buy British produced products.

- Skilled apprenticeships across all sectors are to be encouraged.

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