Happy 2nd Birthday... to us!

As The Commentator celebrates its second birthday, the Guardian and BBC wonder, "Will this be the terrible twos?!"

The Commentator
On 4 April 2013 22:54

Looking back to two years ago, we have fond memories of building a website that looked entirely different than the one you see today but one which still had a purpose that hasn't changed since.

Two years is a remarkably short period of time when you do something like this. It feels like it's only been a few weeks since we launched The Commentator to some fanfare, some doubters, and a lot of nervousness about what exactly we could realistically achieve.

But since then, we've established a fan base of you, wonderful readers, who come back to us time and again to digest some of the top quality commentary out there by a fabulous team of writers. You dig our news stories, you laugh at and share our light-hearted blogs, and you get mad about the things we get mad about. For that we are eternally grateful.

You, dear reader (to quote the Guardian), are also the financial driving force behind the website. Our critics beg, "Who funds you?!" as if there was some scandal to find. We respond, "Our readers do". Because the Left is used to corporatist kickbacks and Soros-grants and government subsidies. The Right however, relies on market forces, ingenuity and indeed - and in time this coming year - commercialisation.

Our readers miss our podcasts when they're not there. But you are so patient with us, because you know we're a three man team that gets great scoops, edits long-form opinion pieces, sources blogs, records podcasts, publishes videos, and does all the necessary admin in and around that work too. Thank you for your patience.

So as we grow (and believe us, traffic is indeed growing), we know that we have you all to be humbly appreciative towards. We value your opinions and the time you take to email up tips, issues you're having with the site, compliments and every time you hit a 'share' or 'retweet' or 'like' button on our content. Make no mistake about it. Every time you do something - you help us combat the moral relativism, the hypocrisy, the big-government-loving, change-averse, enemies of promise that make up the political Left.

So on our second birthday we guess what we're saying is - thank you, right-headed world. 

Oh, and if you want to buy us a few drinks for our birthday (donate securely) you can do so by clicking here. If you think a few quid won't make a difference, you're wrong. Every single penny we get goes back into the site, to build, to grow, to change. We'd really appreciate if you reckon you can give us a fiver (or a tenner) a month (click here). That's about 16p a day!

We promise, it won't go really into birthday drinks! (Editor's note: If only!)

So Happy Birthday to us. By which we mean all of us. Because this is your project as much as it is ours.

Thank you.

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