"Man of the people" Chuka Ummuna and the "MySpace for millionaires" website

Labour MP Chuka Umunna spends a lot of time telling us how much he cares about the poor. Bet he doesn't tell THEM this...

by Parliament Spy on 5 April 2013 00:42

The Daily Mail has a decent story today. It's about Labour MP Chuka Umunna, a man often hailed as "Britain's Obama" and a "man of the people" by the Left. 

Well Mr. Umunna, who was caught out by Guido changing 'costumes' for a recent union march, has been caught in true champagne-socialist regalia, being a member of "invite only" website "ASmallWorld".

Chuka, who bookies rank just behind Yvette Cooper and Ed Balls to assume the leadership of the Labour party after Ed's done running it into the ground, has been a member of the exclusive website for quite some time. He's asked for tips about clubs, because he wants to avoid "trash and C-list wannabes" and boasted about a trip to Miami's South Beach.

Now that's ok. There's nothing wrong with exclusivity and success. But it grates when you pretend to be a working class guy, living a humble lifestyle, taking potshots at "Tory toffs". Yeah, that grates a lot. 

So what does Chuka think of this all? Well, let's ask him...

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