Look what's on Piers Morgan's lawn

No, that doesn't say what you think it does. It says "JNT" - and it's an armed response warning for trespassers

by Media Hawk on 5 April 2013 01:33

Well well, it appears that Mr. Piers "Gun Control" Morgan lives in a glass house. A glass house in Hollywood. Protected by armed guards.

And while Mr. Morgan isn't spouting off about gun control on his CNN chat show, he's in his glass house, throwing stones.

Ok, I've done that one to death - and this little find was just a small nugget as part of a larger expose by the ProjectVeritas organisation.

Yes, good old Piers (good because he left the UK, old because he's...  old) has a sign on his lawn indicating that trespassers can expect to be met with an armed response. Gotcha.

The video coming up is well worth commiting 8 minutes to. I mean it. 

It appears that Mr. Morgan isn't the only one who lives in the lovely land of liberal hypocrisy. Watch to find out more: 

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