Union strikes hit third sector as Charity Commission shuts up shop

Charity Commission workers are set to walk out this afternoon in solidarity with the Public and Commercial Services Union

by The Commentator on 5 April 2013 09:50


Britain's Charity Commission is reported to be closing its contact centre from 12.45pm today in anticipation of a strike announced by the Public and Commercial Services Union for this afternoon.

A Charity Commission spokeswoman said it did not know how many of its 322 staff are expected to strike. Last month, 167 Charity Commission staff took strike action organised by the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) on the day of the Budget.

It is expected that around 250,000 PCS members will take part in a weekend of walkouts as part of a three-month campaign over cuts to pay, pensions and conditions which began on the 20th March. Civil and public servants working in most government departments and agencies will be on strike from 1pm today.

The PCS allege it has asked for talks over cuts to civil service pay, pensions and terms and conditions, but the government, it claims, has refused to negotiate.

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