Hamas cracks down... on hairstyles?

Hamas is apparently rounding men with unpalatable hairstyles up and shaving their heads. Bad asses.

by Media Hawk on 8 April 2013 00:44

The Associated Press reported Sunday that Hamas was cracking down on hairstyles in Gaza. Yeah. You read that right.

Apparently the terrorist organisation is concerned that a motley crew cut could lead to people forming motley crews, overthrowing the terrorist government with their Samson-like powers derived from Brylcreem and VO5.

But really, it smacks of increasing fundamentalism by the terrorists, if that were even further possible. Hamas seeking to anonymise the individual and impose a group mindset is hardly something that those familiar with totalitarianism would be surprised about. If Gaza is a prison camp, then there's only one entity that's the warden. (Hint: it ain't Israel)

House painter Ayman al-Sayed, 19, had shoulder-length hair before police grabbed him and shaved his head Thursday.

"The only thing I want to do is leave this country," said al-Sayed, who despite his ordeal defiantly wore stylish but outlawed narrow-leg tan khakis Sunday. "I am scared. They just take you from the street without reason. I don't know what they are going to do next."

Now look, I hate skinny jeans more than anyone I know. But really... "outlawed narrow-leg tan khakis"? What next? Boat shoes? Then how will anyone get on the flotillas?

Hamas however, is not yet claiming responsibility, instead blaming the spate of shavings (ugh) on individual police. Ziad al-Zaza, the deputy prime minister of Gaza, said the head-shaving "was a very limited, isolated behavior of the police and is not going to continue."

Recently, Hamas mandated gender segregation in schools and banned women from running in a UN-sponsored marathon. 

And yet these are the guys that Western "do-gooders" want to help out by arranging flotillas and such.

Of course, to be fair to Hamas, it might just be a way of making all of its male citizens look like its number one fan. 

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