Damnit the BBC is just so damn pro-Israel... right?

Anti-Israel activists are once again lobbing accusations of "pro-Israel bias" at the BBC. Pull the other one, lads!

by Sue Denim on 8 April 2013 01:19

Remember a few weeks ago when we brought you the story of the petition claiming that the BBC was biased TOWARDS Israel? Yeah - we all had a good laugh about that, didn't we?

It seems to be a part of a wider campaign to have the BBC adopt an even MORE anti-Israel narrative. I mean, besides strapping 3KG of TNT to Jon Donnison's body and sending him off into Ashkelon, I'm not sure how the BBC could be more anti-Israel. But as a great philosopher once said, "Haters gonna hate". Right?

See the new image circulating around the interwebs (right). Yeah, a group called "InMinds" and its buddy the "Islamic Human Rights Commission" (we'd rather give up THOSE rights, thanks) is claiming that lefty Labourite James Purnell will make the BBC too pro-Israel because he... well... he doesn't want to blow the place up.

There are loads of reasons not to want James Purnell as the BBC's director of strategy. Probably the foremost of which being that he's an overtly party political man.

But apparently, him reckoning that Israel's perimeter fence is a dovish move (think about it... it was either attack or defend, and they built a decent defence... see this graphic), is cause for concern.

But then again, InMinds is the organisation that sells video games for children where they can answer questions about the Prophet Muhammed in order to kill Israelis... so it's all relative I guess.

Here's the game that "Innovative Minds" (InMinds) continues to sell on its website, advertised to children under 11 years old:

P.S. Who do you think shared the poster of James Purnell on Facebook? Yep. THAT Friends of Palestine in UKIP group again. Wonder what UKIP has to say about one of its party affiliate groups sharing content by a group like InMinds?

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