Finland puts Putin on "criminal blacklist"

Finland has apologised after "accidentally" placing Russian President Vladimir Putin on its secret criminal blacklist

by The Commentator on 11 April 2013 13:09


Finnish authorities were left red-faced after reportedly erroneously placing Russian President Vladimir Putin on the country's secret criminal blacklist.

The Russian President could have been arrested on the Finnish border if he tried to cross, as a result of a mistake by Finnish police.

Finnish TV attributed the move to Putin's alleged contact with the Russian motorcycle gang Night Wolves, but a police source told the Associated Press that they had no idea how it got there.

A spokesperson for the Finnish National Police board said, "The National Police Board has investigated the case and indeed found that such a mistaken entry was in the register. We have ordered it to be removed and are investigating the case very thoroughly. We don't know how it got there."

Finnish Interior Minister Paivi Rasanen, whose ministry oversees the police, conveyed her "sincerest apologies" to Putin over the mistaken entry.

Initially, the TV station "MTV3" reported Wednesday that Putin was placed there for his contact with Russian motorcycle gang Night Wolves, though he wasn't suspected of a crime in Finland. 

The Night Wolves says on its Web site that the club was born in the 1980s from the desire to protect musicians who were holding illegal concerts during the Soviet era.

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