Google death manager lets you decide where you data goes when you die!

Google released a new tool yesterday that allows users control over what happens to their data when they die

by Media Hawk on 12 April 2013 00:27

All those e-mails from that secret wife you kept hidden for 43 years?

The three gigabytes of horse porn you stashed on Google Drive?

The blueprints for that Iranian time machine you built?

Well you no longer have to worry. All of those things can perish along with you when you die! Thanks, Google!

Our friends at Googleplex have released a new "Inactive Account Manager" which allows you to set periods of three, six and 12 months before Google does what you want it to do with your data.

It can delete it automatically if you wish (though it will try to text you first) or it could even e-mail the lot of it onto your named contact. Sort of like a cyber-will.

And boy will your brother/mother/wife/dog (delete as appropriate) be excited to receive the opening lines of all those 50 film scripts you started and never finished. 

"The sun glimmered brightly off the Hudson River. Jack McDonagh was finishing his chai latte when suddenly..."

Yeah - probably just better to delete.

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