Thatcher fans reach Top Ten with "I'm in Love..." track

Fans of the former British Prime Minister are urging people to buy the 1980 punk song, I'm in Love With Margaret Thatcher to knock "Ding Dong" off the Number 1 spot for Sunday

by The Commentator on 13 April 2013 12:43


Following a day of activity yesterday, fans of the late Lady Thatcher have managed to push their choice of song, "I'm in Love With Margaret Thatcher" into the UK's Top Ten in the download charts.

Currently billed at number 7, the campaigners are urging people to purchase the single through iTunes, Amazon or in a final push before the charts close at midnight. They are hailing the top ten achievement as a victory, but insist that the higher the song ranks in the chart, the better.

Yesterday, the band that originally recorded the song in 1980, the NotSensibles, appeared on Sky News to back them campaign. The Facebook group has nearly 8,000 members.

The campaign comes as anti-Thatcher campaigners used the hours and days after Lady Thatcher's passing to get "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead" to the top of the music charts, where it still remains. Critics have said, "Lady Thatcher would be delighted that the Left have finally caved to capitalism. And Time Warner, the owner of the copyright, will be just as thrilled". 

You can purchase the song from any of the following outlets to help give the cause a better chance:

♬ iTunes:
♬ Amazon:
♬ Play:

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