The Worst Media Reactions On Twitter

As originally reported on The Skeptical Libertarian blog, the worst reactions to the Boston Marathon bombing

by Daniel Bier on 16 April 2013 00:26

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In a horrific series of events, that may not yet be over, two improvised explosive devices were detonated near the finish line of the Boston Marathon today, killing at least 2 and injuring over 20 others.

As yet, there have been no confirmed reports of more bombs, and there are only conflicting rumors about a suspect in custody. In an unusually appalling display of cynicism, pundits and commentators are already trying to turn this tragedy into a political talking point, while there is still blood on the streets and no one could possibly have any information about what really happened.

BuzzFeed reports the disturbing #falseflag tag started trending almost immediately after the news broke, while various unsupported accusations are being hurled at domestic right-wing and foreign Islamic groups.

Everything is a conspiracy; this is a thing; this must be a conspiracy. QED.

After receiving a tsunami of criticism, he deleted the tweet and gave a surly non-apology.

Never miss an opportunity to make every story about your personal crusade.

It might be unfair to single out Russert, who's only engaging in irresponsible speculation--like everyone else in the media.

I have no words. Conservative columnist Erik Rush immediately blamed "Saudis" for the attack, and when asked if he was accusing Muslims of being behind the bombing, Rush responded:

RightWingWatch took a screen capture.

Oh good! "Chatter" from anonymous sources! The most reliable kind of intelligence. If we had only had more responsible journalism like that we never would have invaded Iraq.

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