Iran's PressTV makes feelings on Lady Thatcher clear

There's biased reporting. And then there's Iran's PressTV

by The Humph on 17 April 2013 09:37

It's worth noting PressTV's coverage of Lady Thatcher's funeral, if only to make ourselves feel better about the BBC. 

In fact, the Iranian state news agency says many of the things that a number of BBC staffers are probably thinking, but dare not, or at least cannot, say.

Here are a few 'highlights': 

The huge £10 million cost of the funeral, comparable to the send-off of another former PM, Winston Churchill, in 1965 and the most pretentious state memorial service ever since, is being paid out of the taxpayer’s money, while taxpayers are suffering her legacy in the form of scathing austerity measures. 

Looks like someone has been talking to Owen Jones. And how about this?

The “Iron Lady” is finally bidding farewell, but it seems set to be bleak probably because it comes at a badly wrong time amid hugely unpopular austerity measures, which remind Britons of their suffering during her 11 years in office.

Dread to think what a sombre affair Ahmadinejad's send-off will be in that case. 

But the propagandists did get one thing right, at least. And that's Obama's snub:

[T]he list of guests who will be attending has raised talks of diplomatic snubbing, especially by the US government that was Thatcher’s closest foreign ally in the 1980’s. 

The government of the US president Barrack Obama has sent none of its serving members to the funeral with Washington being represented only by a former secretary of state for former US President Ronald Reagan.

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