Iranian army alone is able to destroy 'illegitimate' Israel - Army General

The cold war of words between Israel and Iran is heating up as General Ataollah Salehi claims his army forces alone could destroy Israel

by The Commentator on 18 April 2013 12:29


Iranian army General Ataollah Salehi has boasted that Iran’s army “alone” could destroy the state of Israel.

Speaking at the Islamic Republic’s annual Army Day the General said, “Our message to this illegitimate regime [Israel] is the same, we do not need to utilize all of Iran’s military forces."

“The army ... alone is able to destroy Israel", he continued.

The inflammatory remarks come in response to a statement made on Tuesday by Israeli chief of staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz who said Israel’s military was capable of attacking Iran on its own without foreign support.

Asked in a radio interview if Israel's military was capable of handling an attack on Iran “alone”, and without the support of key allies such as the United States, Gantz replied: “Yes, absolutely.”

The heated exchange follows an announcement by two diplomats yesterday (Wednesday) that technicians upgrading Iran's main uranium enrichment facility at Nanantz have tripled their installations of so-called IR-2m centrifuges that could be used in a nuclear weapons programme, to more than 600 in the last three months alone.

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