Ed Miliband's biggest donor and his Communist Party plea

Unite the Union is begging its members to help prop up the Morning Star newspaper, founded in 1930 by the Communist Party of Britain

by Parliament Spy on 18 April 2013 21:29

Yesterday Guido reported that Britain's largest union, Unite, issued a plea to help the upkeep of the Morning Star newspaper - the left-wing tabloid rag founded in 1930 by the Communist Party of Britain. This got us thinking.

Isn't Unite the biggest Labour Party donor? Yep (£3.4 in 2012).

Doesn't the Morning Star still subscribe to the communist ideology? Yep.

And does the Communist Party of Britain still maintain a relationship with the Morning Star? By its own reckoning... Yep.

In fact, the Communist Party website states:  

"The People’s Press Printing Society (PPPS), the co-operative which owns the paper, was established by the Communist Party in 1945 to enable the Daily Worker (as the paper was then known) to broaden its base of  ownership and support. Today, thousands of supporters – individuals and labour movement organisations – own shares. However, a special relationship remains between the Party and the Morning Star..."

They even have a rule, that as a member of the Communist Party, you must read the Morning Star. That's right. You must read their rag to be a member of the group. You know, like a cult. 

"Communist Party Rule 15(b) states that members have the duty 'to read the Morning Star and to help in every way the circulation of the paper'. This is a top priority, as increased circulation is crucial in the battle of ideas and in organising resistance to attacks on living standards, jobs and democratic rights."

Elsewhere on the Communist Party website, it states:

"...the editorial line of the Morning Star follows the programme of the Communist Party"

So what does it tell you of the Labour Party under Ed Miliband that Len Mcluskey, his biggest union paymaster, feels that he can issue a plea on behalf of the Morning Star which reads

“The Morning Star is an invaluable weapon that supports the trade union movement and one that I would like all activists in the Union to read. That is why I am asking you to get your Unite branch to place a local order for at least one copy of the Morning Star daily” 

Of course, it tells you what Red Ed and Len(in?) McCluskey don't want you to know. They admit freely that Unite is a shareholder in the co-operative which owns the Morning Star, and that the Union is represented on its Management Committee. 

But what would the media's response be if David Cameron's biggest financial backer propped up, and was on the management board of a major Fascist outlet, or some other antiquainted ideology that slaughtered millions? Yes, it'd be front page news.

But Red Ed can carry on flying the red flag with his union fellows. The pro-EU, authoritarian, protectionist nationalisers.

If you're reading this and you do want to help Unite, Ed Miliband and the Morning Star, the chances are you're a mug. And now you can buy one from them!

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