Tory MP names four potential Cameron successors

Mark Field, Member of Parliament for Westminster, has named four MPs who he thinks are ready to lead the Conservative Party in a post-Cameron era

by The Commentator on 24 April 2013 10:20


Speaking to, Cities of London and Westminster MP Mark Field named four colleagues when asked about Windsor MP Adam Afriyie as “leadership material”.

Asked if Afriyie could be ruled out, Field remarked, "No I wouldn’t”, going on to describe Afriyie as an “outsider candidate” and praising his “compelling” and “great backstory”.

“Clearly he has always been very sceptical about the coalition, he felt it should not have been formed and we should have gone for a minority administration and had a second election in 2010,” Field added.

Field said that Brady, who is Chairman of the party's 1922 committee, was an outsider candidate for the leadership, praising him as “a highly talented and committed guy, but not part and parcel of government”.

Brady told I never comment on matters relating to the party leadership because of my particular position as chairman of the 1922 Committee.”

Field said that Osborne’s leadership fortunes would depend on the success of David Cameron, while he suggested that Home Secretary Theresa May has already signalled her intention to succeed the Prime Minister as Tory leader. He said, "[She] already made it clear the way she stands” in positioning herself as a successor to Cameron.

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