VIDEO: "The power of Europe compels you!"

A new Greenpeace video shows a European parliamentarian fighting a CO2 monster in a Street Fighter battle. Seriously...

by The Green Goblin on 24 April 2013 12:16

Ever sit there, with a cup of green tea, and think to yourself, "Man, those green groups sure have a lot of money!"

Well I do. Often. 

In fact, I can't believe how massive lobbying firms like Greenpeace are so well endowed. Then I remember, a lot of them take government money, a lot of them use highly emotional and factually questionable adverts, and many have armies of fundraisers (and chuggers) trying to guilt trip celebrities and the public into backing them.

Conversely, while the science is still unsettled (just ask Michael Mann) over a lot of their claims, the other side is left wanting for media coverage, government grants and indeed grassroots funding.

And what consequences does this have?

Well, Street Fighter ones of course.

What do you mean you don't understand? You don't think the logical conclusion for Greenpeace is to make a costly Street Fighter type video, with a European Member of Parliament trying to fight a giant CO2 monster? You think the public would be aghast, if approached on the street for their direct debit details and told, "Yeah we're thinking of making an animation where a politician screams 'The power of Europe compels you!' at a big stinking ball of gas"?

Well then you're going to be disappointed by this latest offering from Greenpeace...

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