Palestinian Authority declares that terrorists are "our joy"

Despite concerns over how international aid is used by the Palestinian Authority, the leadership remains steadfast in paying salaries to terrorists and other prisoners

by The Commentator on 24 April 2013 13:34


Recently it was revealed that British, American and European taxpayer money was going to aid in the Palestinian territories and used for paying salaries to terrorists imprisoned after conviction of detention by the State of Israel. 

Despite debates in Britain and Norway concerning the payments to terrorists, the Palestinian Authority (PA) Deputy Minister has this week declared that, "salaries and allowances to Palestinian prisoners will not be stopped, whatever the cost may be. The prisoners," he said, "are our joy".

Reports from the watchdog Palestinian Media Watch's on the PA's payment of salaries to prisoners have generated debates in both Norway and the UK.

The PA Deputy Minister of Prisoners' Affairs, Ziyad Abu Ein, responded to the possibility of losing donor funding by stating, "If the assistance and the financial support to the PA are stopped, the [payment] of salaries (rawatib) and allowances (mukhassasat) to Palestinian prisoners will not be stopped, whatever the cost may be. The prisoners are our joy. We will sacrifice everything for them and continue to provide for their families."

In his interview, PA Deputy Minister of Prisoners' Affairs Abu Ein also acknowledged that "the European governments turned to them (the PA) about this issue (of salary payments to prisoners)," and that "the [PA] Ministry [of Prisoners' Affairs] explained its official position and opinion, that these funds are transferred to the prisoners' families, from whom the occupation has taken their head and provider and who are considered to be in need of welfare assistance." Abu Ein also "noted that there is an understanding of the issue."

Norway and Britain have requested more information about the support program for prisoners, and are currently awaiting the PA's answer.

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