Are we going to hear apologies?

Will the Left apologise for haranguing conservatives over the cost of Thatcher's funeral?

The view of the funeral from the roof of St. Pauls
On 25 April 2013 16:46

On the day that Lady Thatcher's coffin passed from Westminster to St. Paul's Cathedral, I took a spot in amongst the crowds of people near Blackfriars. 

Ordinary, decent, hard-working people who had come to give the best prime minister they can remember a decent sending off. In amongst the majority of these people were scattered hard-Left activists, booing, turning their backs and holding up placards with socialist markings and slogans.

"Thatcher, Thatcher, Thatcher! Dead! Dead! De..." they shouted. Only to be overwhelmingly drowned out by a crowd applauding the Iron Lady's work and life. The protestors looked confused. You see, to these layabouts - they genuinely believe they represent British interests. They really think they reflect the values of the British people.

For them, such an outpouring of support was anathema to everything they have been duped into believing. "Everyone hates Thatcher", so they thought. "We're in the majority, against toffs and bankers and the super-rich," they reassured one another.

But from any polling evidence you can find, and from talking to people on the street - thank goodness these "socialist [non]-workers" have as much understanding of people in Britain as they do about economics. Nil.

So as I stood there in sadness as the coffin passed me by, a dread-locked man began to push his way through the entirely pro-Thatcher crowd around me. "Boo!" he shouted. Then looking around with a grin on his face. "Boo! Boo! Boo!" By the time he reached a point where anyone would noticed, the procession was already about 500 yards away. The look on his face when he realised he missed his chance was priceless.

Nonetheless, I felt the need to say something. I asked why he felt the need to boo. He told me, "Well, it's my money isn't it? Going to pay for this funeral. Ten million pounds, isn't it? I can boo if I like."

I informed him that he didn't actually answer the question. I asked again, "What are you booing about?"

"I came from Manchester to boo." he said.

I realised I was going to get nowhere with him, and walked off. He shouted after me, "Why aren't I allowed to be here?"

No one said he wasn't.

But this £10million figure that was passed around so much at the time has turned out to be way off the mark. Press reports now tell us that the funeral cost only around £3.6m, which for an event of this scale, on that short notice, with as much security as was needed, is quite a paltry sum. Lady T would be glad.

Although estimates from government may have led to such a figure being bandied about - it was picked up on and utilised by hate filled people who wanted to disrupt the event. These weren't just activists. Politicians, former mayors, so-called grown-up political commentators were whipping up the hard-Left over the figure.

So when are we going to hear the apologies from the Left? From Livingstone? From Galloway? From the commentators and writers who professed that £10m was "simply too much!"

I bet we're not. Because you see, when Leftists get the opportunity to fake moral outrage, they really crank up the gears. I wrote about it here. But when they're wrong, which is of course, almost always, we suddenly don't hear a peep out of them.

Why is that?

I wonder if it's the same emotional immaturity that leads a man to think, "I've paid for this funeral, so I'm going to go and boo."

Regardless, if someone would care to wake me up when the Left apologises for making a week of mourning into a week of moaning, then I'll gladly doff my hat. And then I'll eat it.

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