Hamas cracks down on women walking with men in Gaza

Reports from the Gaza strip indicate that the terrorist outfit which governs it, Hamas, is cracking down on ID cards and marriage documents for men and women walking together

by The Commentator on 29 April 2013 13:41


According to sources within the Palestinian territories, Hamas has begun to crack down on men and women walking together in public, further entrenching a law requiring ID cards and marriage contracts.

The security services in Gaza are reportedly cracking down on the existing laws with a zero-tolerance policy that women must prove their identities to show they are either the wife, fiancee or direct relative of any man they are seen walking with.

Human rights activists have noted the renewed efforts to ensure the policy is upheld, especially in the coastal areas of Gaza. Sources have said that while the crackdown started with the summer season coming, the policy is only aimed at peopople who are "suspected" and not intended to impinge upon the "general people".

Police are said to be inspecting cars for "suspicious" activities to make sure a formal relationship exists between the man and the woman present, including documentation or proof to accompany such claims.

The campaign originally started years ago when women were banned from smoking the water pipe, or shisha, in from of the general public. 

Incidents have already been noted by local news outlets, such as arrests being made of citizens sharing cars, offering rides to people, and walking together along sea fronts.

Police have denied the existence of a formal decision on such issues, claiming that the response was only to individuals acts noted by security services. 

Recently, the United Nations Relief Works Agency was forced to withdraw its support from the Gaza marathon after Hamas banned women from taking part.

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