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Cameron should sack Clarke to remain electable

Ken Clarke and his Europhile allies have been slating UKIP in recent days - but come the General Election, Clarke will be a liability for the Tories

by Gary Robinson on 30 April 2013 11:41

For decades, the leadership of the Conservative party have been pulling off a difficult balancing act.

They have balanced their own dream of the UK’s permanent membership of the European Union with the strong Euro scepticism of their own party membership and backbenchers.

Not only this, but they have managed to convince people that the Tory party is Eurosceptic.

It is hard for me to imagine that anyone could consider the Conservative party to be Eurosceptic, considering Tory PM Ted Heath brought us into the EEC, and Tory PM John Major signed the Maastricht treaty that created the EU.

But by allowing Eurosceptic backbenchers and MEPs like Daniel Hannan a loud voice they have convinced the country that if they want to vote for a party that will stand up to Brussels, they must vote Tory.

If the voters of the UK found out how Europhile the Tory leadership were, even more support would flow to UKIP and it would seriously damage their re-election chances in 2015.

This is why David Cameron must drop Kenneth Clarke from front line politics.

If you recall, Mr Clarke famously urged Britain to join the Euro currency.

Now, it might be acceptable for an individual Conservative MP to express strong private Europhile views. But Ken Clarke is not a backbencher. He is a minister without portfolio and often quoted Conservative spokesman.

In addition, he is co-president of the Europhile pressure group called ‘British Influence’.

On the 14th January 2013, it was reported in the London Evening standard that Ken Clarke and Labour’s Lord Mandelson had “formed a potent alliance to promote Europe’s virtues.”
If Ken Clarke is allowed by Mr Cameron to continue to indulge in this noisy and obvious Europhilia, people will start to suspect that Mr Cameron condones and in fact shares these views.
And if that becomes known, there is no doubt that he will be a one term Prime minister.
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