Britain's Telegraph runs pro-Putin advertorial

Britain's Daily Telegraph is publishing a 100 percent Russian state-owned paper on its website

by The Commentator on 30 April 2013 16:40


Britain's Daily Telegraph has run a full page advertorial on it's website, pulling content from the 'Russia Beyond the Headlines' (RBTH) website.

RBTH, which is published by the one-hundred percent Russian state-owned Rossiyskaya Gazeta (RG), has apparently paid the Daily Telegraph for its content to be displayed as if it was indeed Daily Telegraph content, as seen here.

Listed in the URL as a 'sponsored' page, the advert takes up an entire page of the Telegraph website, assuming its look and feel, as well as encouraging readers to follow RBTH on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The pro-Putin site promotes stories on The Telegraph website such as, "Putin's televised marathon" and Russian-state propaganda over the Syria crisis.

RBTH said of the advertorial:

On April 30, Russia Beyond the Headlines, the international publishing project of daily Rossiyskaya Gazeta, debuted a redesigned and renamed version of its monthly supplement in the UK.

Now called Russia Beyond the Headlines, the redesigned supplement offers even deeper insight and wider coverage of Russia-related events, as well as a new layout developed by the design director of The Daily Telegraph. In its first issue, the rebranded supplement featured an analysis of Russia’s role in fighting international terrorism on the cover page. The supplement also covered modern Russian wine, the Cyprus banking crisis and the impact of the late Margaret Thatcher on Russia.

The monthly Russia-themed supplement first appeared in leading British paper the Daily Telegraph in August 2007 under the name Russia Now. Today the supplement is known among the newspaper’s audience as a reliable source of high-quality news and analysis about Russia’s political and economic development and relationship with the UK, as well as a place to find lighter features on Russian culture, cuisine and sport.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta is described as being "published by the new Russian state" and having been, founded by the Government of the Russian Federation, and its first issue appeared on 11 November 1990". It's website claims, "Rossiiskaya Gazeta enjoys official status, because acts of state come into effect upon their publication there. On the other hand, "Rossiiskaya Gazeta" is intended for the general reader, embracing everything from daily news, special reports and interviews of government officials to expert commentaries on documents of state".

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