They were Muslims. They were Islamists. They were jihadists. They were extremists.

The BBC coverage of the plot to blow up an EDL rally has been lacking at best, and intentionally misleading at worst

by The Un-Jihadist on 30 April 2013 22:15

Let's get one thing straight before this all gets underway. And it's a pity that I have to even say this, but for the record, I'm not an English Defence League (EDL) supporter. I'm a libertarian: I believe in open immigration, free markets; and nationalism just isn't my thing.

But I should hope that whether or not you do or don't support the EDL, you can see why I think the BBC has yet again botched its coverage in its story about the plot to blow up an EDL rally.

In case you missed it, you can sort of fill yourself in on the details here, which includes details about "six men" who planned the "EDL bomb plot".

Except, this doesn't really tell you much about the men who have all pleaded guilty in front of Woolwich Crown Court. No it doesn't even tell you, though alright, we can deduce this one for ourselves, that they were charged with planning an act of terrorism. I never thought I'd say this, but even The Sun had better coverage.

Nowhere in BBC Home affairs correspondent Dominic Casciani's report does it mention that the six men who planned the attack were all Islamists or Islamic extremists. It doesn't mention that they were extremists at all. It doesn't mention (though it does make mention of a book) they were jihadists or even the word "Muslim".

No, why would it?

Only when reporting on white extremism should race, colour, religion or politics come into the fray. 

When it was Breivik, it was "far-right", although many would argue that Breivik's knee-jerk protectionism was more akin to the hard-Left. Whatever. It's still a label.

Because you see... journalism... it's about the facts. It's about accuracy. It's about telling the story to people who know little or have heard nothing of it.

Sure, I guess Omar Khan, Jewel Uddin, Anzal Hussain, Mohammed Saud and Zohaib Ahmed could be atheists. Their names do give something away about them -- but why is this up to the reader to infer? When discussing Pastor Terry Jones -- he's not just "a man who wants to burn Quran's" is he? He's a white, Christian pastor from Gainsville, Florida.

I'm not even saying that "Muslim" should be the key factor here. Of course they were British Muslims. Like the Boston bombers were American, of Chechen and Avar descent.... Muslims. See it doesn't have to be the operative word. It's not trying to attack Islam to state a fact? It's just a fact! 

You'll hopefully know that in no way would I want to use an incident like this to demonise Muslims as a whole, or the Muslim community, but as some of the very same religious heritage as these men, I find it fundamentally disconcerting that we can't seem to call a spade a spade in this country.

They were Muslims. They were Islamists. They were jihadists and yes, they were extremists.

You don't talk about the "kuffar" and try to blow people up otherwise.

Oh and the headline of the BBC piece? "EDL bomb plot: Did the police miss it?"

Now does that sound like a jihadist bomb plot? Or does it sound like the EDL were planning to blow people up?

Kudos BBC. Another round of disturbingly cowardly journalism.

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