VIDEO: Venezuelan lawmakers brawl amid electoral disputes

Lawmakers in the Venezuelan National Assembly have taken to brawling with each other over the disputed election of Nicolas Maduro

by The Commentator on 1 May 2013 00:35


Reports have emerged with accompanying footage of Venezuelan lawmakers brawling in the country's National Assembly following the disputed election of President Nicolas Maduro.

Maduro, who recently succeeded the late Hugo Chavez, won the recent general election by a tiny margin, causing oppositionists to call for a recount. Venezuelans took to the streets to demonstrate against the election, with many injured and several killed as a result.

Members of Venezuela's National Assembly yesterday 'brawled', as seen below, with one opposition assembly member badly bruised and bleeding.

Opposition assembly member Ismael Garcia told The Associated Press that pro-government legislators threw punches on Tuesday night after members of his coalition tried to protest a proposal barring them from legislative activities.

Assembly member Julio Borges appeared on an independent television station soon after with blood running down one side of his swollen face. Pro-government legislators appeared on state TV accusing opposition members of attacking them.

Borges insisted the Speaker of parliament to be held to account, stating that he, "embodies hatred, repression, Fascism of which he wants to accuse the rest of the country." Borges accused the speaker of parliament to allow "people armed inside the Chamber, with bodyguards."


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