Who is the greenest of them all?

Never mind the eurosceptic split; what about the green split?

by Sir John Redwood MP on 2 May 2013 10:10

The BBC has had much sport displaying and increasing the splits in the Eurosceptic vote between UKIP and the Conservatives.  There are always UKIP people and even some Conservatives who will play along with this BBC agenda.

The BBC has spent an equal amount of energy ensuring the real splits between the Greens and the Lib Dems are not brought to light, though the Lib Dems are defending the second largest number of Council seats and the Greens have a better track record at winning seats than UKIP, including one in Parliament.

I realise the BBC is never going to represent the majority of people who value the flexibility of their car for work and pleasure, and resent the strident anti-motorist stance of the ultra-greens. I understand the BBC will not stand up for Granny when she complains that green energy is too dear for her to keep warm – or they will run a piece demanding more public subsidy. BBC journalists as a whole just do not understand how most of us feel, that we like belonging to the modern world, so we can use some of the great technology it offers, and need cheaper energy to enjoy it to the full.

I would like the BBC to even up its coverage of other  parties by submitting the Greens and their more mainstream Lib Dem big brothers and sisters to some scrutiny for their policies of hounding the motorist and pricing people out of the energy market.

It could seek to answer the important questions: Are the Greens truly much greener than the Lib Dems? Which of these two green parties has the best way of torturing motorists to get them off the roads? Who has the most devilish plans to drive energy prices higher to control its use?

The journalists should press until one or other says “Let them all walk”. Will one of them tell Granny that energy prices on their watch need to rise until she either wears extra woollies or shivers at home?  That would make as entertaining a box office hit as the Eurosceptic scraps we have been hearing.

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