Egyptian newspaper claims "Jews drink Egyptian blood"

An Egyptian newspaper has publish multiple articles promoting the old anti-Semitic blood libel, claiming Jews drink gentile blood

by The Commentator on 2 May 2013 12:25


Then Egyptian newspaper "Misrelgdida" has recently published multiple features promoting the Jewish "blood libel" - an old anti-Semitic trope that claims Jews drink Christian and Muslim blood.

The first article, published late last month, is written by a Palestinian Arab, Mennat al-Sayed. The article gives a "history" of Passover blood rituals that, he claims continues to this day against Arabs.

Al-Sayed says that Christian neighbors of Jews were scared of the holiday because they were worried about abduction and ritual slaughtering for their blood. He claims that Jews would hunt for Christian babies who never tasted wine and stab them to death in a ceremony in the synagogue, after which they would distribute the blood to drink four cups of "wine" during the Passover seder, while singing and dancing with their families.

The articles, spotted by the Elder of Ziyon blog, are published in the Arabic-language paper that claims it believes, "in credibility and transparency and strive[s] to symbolize the new Egypt. The truth is the basis of our profession, and we believe in humanity and compassion, and that justice is the basis of our humanity, and believe in the future as long as we are alive."

The second article, written by Amr Abdel Rahman, the managing editor of the paper, is entitled, "When the Jews drank the blood of Egyptians on Passover." It states:

"Recently Jews celebrated their important Passover holiday, and this feast - for those who do not know - includes bloody and exciting rituals, and the most exciting of these rituals were probably still practiced secretly in Egypt by some members of the Jewish community.


The victim must be a non-Jewish young adult, of course, either Christian or Muslim. His blood is taken and dried to a powder so they may save the remainder for the next holiday .. The blood must be used where the Christians or Muslim victims are under ten years old.

They extract the blood with extremely sharp needles and put it in the barrel. These needles ensure that the blood exits the victim very slowly, and thus ensures the painful agony of the victim, his torment is pleasure for the vampire Jews who are keen to pursue this ritual in all its details, they love and enjoy it though it is difficult to understand!"

The articles come shortly after The Sunday Times of London published what campaigners called a "modern blood libel" cartoon, depicting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a big-nosed builder, constructing a wall out of the blood of Palestinians, or Muslim blood and bodies.

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