In Guardianista-land, you can deny the Holocaust if it hurts conservatives, right?

The latest debacle surrounding UKIP candidate Richard Delingpole juxtaposed with the David Stein case reveals some stark editorial hypocrisy at The Guardian

by Andrew Ian Dodge on 4 May 2013 12:30

The Guardian must be really feeling burnt by being trolled by the “other” Delingpole. They have had to go all the way to Los Angeles to find a Holocaust denier masquerading himself as a 'Republican Party Animal' to sooth their angst from UKIP’s gains.

Let’s remind ourselves of the Delingpole’s mock of the Guardian and the desire to find UKIP party members links to neo-Nazis. Guido is, of course, was all over the ludicrous events.

“UKIP candidate Dick Delingpole’s photoshop of himself with Hitler and subsequent Telegraph blog “confessing” to a non-existent Nazi past were so obviously a joke surely no one could fall for it”

This is the po-faced epicfail by a Guardian columnist on the post.

It didn't long for the hypocrisy to reveal itself though. The Grauniad quickly set about allowing the now exposed 'Republican' conman, David Stein Cole to vindicate his half decade-long ruse over conservatives. Cole, for those of you that don't know, was a Holocaust denier who set about rebranding himself as a 'Republlican Party Animal' and hosted celebrity parties for conservatives on America's West Coast.

He reinvented himself fifteen years ago after “death threats”, but The Guardian has allowed him to recant all of his “regrets” about Holocaust denial and to paint himself as the victim in their piece.

This is despite the fact the man had been deceiving his friends for well over a decade. No sympathy for the victims of this cretin because they were Republicans or conservatives and deserved it, naturally.

One of those deceived has produced a blistering rebuke to the conman in their midst.

“Not one other person who attended RPA functions knew that Stein was Cole. Not one of them knew about his odious and thoroughly discredited views. Upon learning of his true identity, many RPA attendees immediately renounced him.”

Any good scan of the comments on the Guardian piece finds Holocaust deniers coming out of the woodwork to defend David Stein Cole from “Zionist” attacks.

Does the Guardian not realise they are being used by a conman to take revenge on people he has already duped and devastated? Or are is their desire to mock anyone conservative trump any sense of decency to the victims of deceit?

The UKIP success in the last 24 hours has clearly driven some of the chatteratti into the throes of panic and hysteria.. 

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