"Pro-Palestinian" lobby hijacks Boston mourners for political point scoring

An image being circulation of "young Palestinian children" expressing sympathy with the victims of Boston appears to be from Iraq, rather than the Palestinian territories

by Media Hawk on 7 May 2013 10:15

Various self-labelled "pro-Palestinian" and anti-Israel websites and networks have seized on photos over the past few weeks depicting Middle Eastern people, including young children, expressing sympathy with the victims of the Boston bombings.

The images, they claim, are Palestinians who seek peace in the face of Israeli and Western oppression.

But their online activism is falling foul of internet paper trails, with the IsraellyCool blog tracking the images back. Funnily enough, they didn't emerge from the Palestinian terroritories, which reveals that so called "pro-Palestinian" campaigners have knowingly disseminated false information, using the dead and injured victims of the Boston marathon bombing, for their political ends half way around the world.

Instead, the photo, seen posted to the 'Students for Justice in Palestine' Facebook page, seems to have emanated from Iraq.

Yes, the people from a country liberated by Western forces from the clutches of a brutal dictator have expressed sympathy for victims of terrorism the likes of which they still live with on a daily basis.

The non-profit "America Loves Iraq" group first shared the image, which appears to have come from a group called "Muslim Peacemaker Teams", which is what the "MPT" in the images stands for.

The Muslim Peacemaker Teams (MPT) is an Iraq-registered non-profit organisation which began operating in January of 2005 in response to the violence that had erupted in Iraq.

MPT states openly that it has no political ambition or religious agenda, though it was inspired by the Christian Peacemaker Teams which have been active in Iraq since 2002. MPT is located in Najaf, Iraq and operates as partner organisation to the Iraqi-American Reconciliation Project, located in Minneapolis, USA.

That so called "pro-peace" activists can hijack such images for their own political ends speaks to the lengths to which many will go to in order to either demonise their opposition, propogate lies on behalf of corrupt and violent regimes, or indeed simply try to naiveily paper over the cracks.

The attempts are not thought to be directly related to the latest Pew poll statistics showing that 40 percent of Palestinians polled belive that suicide bombings are justified, the highest of any Muslim country in which the poll occured. 

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