Ex PM's wife claims she's not a fare dodger after failing to swipe Oyster card

Gordon Brown's wife, Sarah Brown, has protested after having to pay an £80 fine for failing to swipe her Oyster card on the London Underground system

by Parliament Spy on 7 May 2013 14:14

The Evening Standard reports that Sarah Brown, wife of the former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, today protested after being given an £80 fine for using the public transport system without first swiping her Oyster card.

Brown used Twitter to complain that she had made “an honest error” but was subsequently treated like a fare dodger.

“Hugely upset after being fined £80 on Docklands Light Railway as I had not swiped my Oyster card properly in an honest error :-(,”  she tweeted to her 1.2 million followers.

Mrs Brown added in a second tweet: “Seems to be £40 if I pay quickly and don’t appeal.”

She added: I do have my receipt to show I paid my travel fare once I reached my destination.”

A few moments later, she noted, "Just to say that the staff at Russell Sq tube are especially lovely and were v helpful at getting my Oyster card legal and decent again".

Last year, the Huffington Post reported that the former Prime Minister and his wife have earned over £1.4m since Brown was beaten in the 2010 General Election. "Among the payments received were £49,052.69 for speech to King Saud University in Saudi Arabia, £61,637.68 for a speech in Moscow and £74,936.79 for an address in Nigeria."

Gordon Brown continues to receive a salary as the Member of Parliament for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, though his House of Commons attendance has been just 13.6 percent since May 2010.

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