Poll: Is Stephen Hawking right to boycott Israel?

Mirroring The Guardian's less than representative poll, we thought we'd show you how anyone can get the results they desire, if they play to the right audience...

by The Commentator on 8 May 2013 11:06

The Guardian has a poll up, which we insist that you vote in aswell, asking the question, "Is Stephen Hawking right to join the academic boycott of Israel?"

Unsurprisingly, many Guardian readers think "Yes" - but is it surprising given that the newspaper has an irrational editorial loathing towards the Jewish State, and routinely allows cranks and terrorists to write for it on the subject matter?

Even its cartoons are anti-Israel. So what other result could they possibly expect?

So, to show how little these things mean, while online activists already point to the results and say, "See! We are the majority!" - we thought we'd do our own experiment and show that results of this sort say little about the issue, and more about the website's readers. 

So come on, friends. Vote now. Should Stephen Hawking join the academic boycott of Israel?


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- - The Guardian acknowledges a degree of anti-Semitism, by Tom Gross

- - Is The Guardian the most bigoted paper in Britain? by Robin Shepherd


- - A Statement from Prof. Hawking confirming his lack of attendance is not about boycotting Israel


- - The boycott remains in place, university retracts statement

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