Stephen Hawking's pick-and-mix morality

Is Professor Stephen Hawking a hypocrite, or has he just been the victim of hateful anti-Israel propaganda?

by on 8 May 2013 15:09

It is now being reported that after what can only be described as an omnishambolic handling of Prof. Stephen Hawking's apparent Israel boycott, that the theoretical physicist is indeed set to boycott the Jewish state.

However, it strikes me as pretty strange that Hawking would choose to single out Israel - almost as if myopic campaign groups have been targeting the 71-year-old professor with a campaign of misinformation. 

I say this because otherwise, it would appear that Hawking has what can only be described as a 'pick and mix' sense of morality and human rights. 

Why else would he have gleefully visited Israel in 2009? And indeed China just three years prior?

All that has changed since '09 with regard to Hawking's previous statements on talking to Hamas, is that the terrorist outfit has lost whatever sketchy democratic mandate it once had - failing to hold elections and further entrenching itself in terrorist warfare. Hardly a reason to boycott Israel. 

And what of Hawking's visits to China? Should we assume another fanfare-like trip to Beijing at the behest of the Communist regime is off the cards? Let's remind ourselves what he said of his China trip in 2009: "I like Chinese culture, Chinese food and above all Chinese women. They are beautiful." He also expressed his wish to visit Tibet, but that he didn't think it was possible anymore. Hmmm. 

Let's compare the countries, shall we?

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