Time for a very British revolution

How can we stop Britain’s death spiral and reverse the century-old trend of elegant decline?

How to fix Britain?
Robert Phillips
On 8 May 2013 15:27

Ladies and gentlemen, just like in the 1970’s when the United Kingdom was known as the ‘sick man of Europe’, with socialism rife throughout its institutions and nationalised industries eating it from within, the country has once again been diagnosed with an acute illness.

Britain has been infected with a deathly virus that eats at the very soul of the nation, breaking hearts and minds. It is as relentless as it is destructive and will undoubtedly spell doom for the very existence of the nation if left unchecked.

The two main symptoms of this virus are easy to spot, but somewhat harder to effectively treat.

Symptom 1:  Rise of the wastrels

Hopelessness and deep sadness; Britain's young adults sit near motionless in their publicly-funded housing drinking maximum strength Diamond White cider or a bottle of cheap wine from the local “offie” whilst the pale blue light of late night television illuminates the darkness of their aimless lives. The wine and cider has been provided by the young Polish couple next door who, despite being sneered at by their work-shy neighbours, are actively trying to make a living for themselves and create a better future for their family. The television licence has been paid for by the single working mum in the house opposite who struggles to put food on the table for her young son but refuses to take the easy option.

The only other interests in the young adults’ life are the buying of uppers and downers, getting a mate to clone the latest X-box game, and breeding in order to get a bigger house and move up the ladder. Meet the Wastrels.

By day, they wander the town centre, stalking the betting offices, the local pub, fast food outlets before retiring to their well-worn couch where they remain throughout the night: a human right, if ever there was one.

Of course, it is every person’s right to do as much or as little as they want with their lives. But it is equally every person’s right not to have to pay for others’ chosen lifestyles. In fact, it is obscene to think that they should.

Just like the last time Britain was sick, perhaps we can as a country make use of our greatest post-war leader’s words. Baroness Thatcher once said, "Disciplining yourself to do what you know is right and important, although difficult, is the highroad to pride, self-esteem, and personal satisfaction." If only we as a society could find a way of motivating those people who see the only way to success as being through fame and/or fluke.

The working and middle classes are right to feel let down by the career politicians in the all but identical LibLabCon parties. As a result they have sought and found an alternative. They have turned in droves to their peers – the very people who can best represent their views, opinions and attitudes. UKIP appears to be the only hope for millions of working people up and down the land; its rise somewhat mirrors the rise of the Labour movement a century before.

The working classes are not socialist and they are not liberal. There is no progressive majority. The general public simply wants a fair run and to be left to live their lives.

Labour has abandoned the working classes by becoming metro-liberal, by reaching towards the Fabian socialism and nepotism-led worlds of Oxbridge PPE university courses. It is now left with just the hard-core entrenched tribal voter and the scrounging classes.

At the ballot box the wastrels now choose either Labour or hard-left political parties like the BNP and Respect. This scrounging class is represented on our screens by a new breed of intellectually immature spokesmen and women who manage to craft niche media careers out of rabid political tribalism, loud but infantile sound-bites, and poor argument, encouraged in the main by cronies in the intolerant liberal press.

Symptom 2:  A federated European Union

The steady and unchecked loss of sovereignty to the European Union has long been a national disgrace and today borders on treason. The population has time and time again been lied to by ‘elitist’ Bilderbergers like Ted Heath, Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson and Kenneth Clarke who all actively support the creation of a new nation state to replace the free countries of Europe. This new nation state is run by arrogant, out of touch career bureaucrats and pseudo-intellectual politicians like them.

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