Galloway: Israel supports Al-Qaeda

British Member of Parliament chirps up conspiracy crackpottery from his Press TV pulpit

by Media Hawk on 11 May 2013 19:41

It was reported several months back that the unhinged Member of Parliament for Bradford West, George Galloway, was working for al-Mayadeen TV, a propaganda outlet thought to be sponsored by Syrian and Iranian sources

Galloway has worked for the Iranian-state media outlet Press TV for a while, but he further entrenched himself with al-Mayadeen and in recent weeks, appears to have been going to bat harder and harder for Assad's murderous regime in Syria.

Indeed, even the British Prime Minister had to recently put the 'honourable gentleman' in his place.

But Galloway has now nailed his colours to the mast further, as if possible, by trotting out a line that can only really be heard in the most fringe of Assad-loyalist corners of the internet (when they're not disconnecting it, of course). 

Apparently, Israel is working with Al-Qaeda to help bring down the Assad regime. Yes. Apparently Israel is stupid enough to arm a terrorist group that would arguably work much harder to wipe the Jewish state off the map than Assad's lot ever did.

Watch for yourself, as Galloway explains his 'theory':

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