MP in mental health offence scandal... media silent

Can you imagine the furore is this was a Conservative MP, or worse, a UKIP councillor?!

by Parliament Spy on 13 May 2013 22:46

Apparently Nadine Dorries's return to the Conservative Parliamentary Party has ruffled a few feathers. Perhaps some on the Left thought she was being permanently put out to dry by the Tories. 

Nevertheless, her opining in today's Health and Social Care debate, as well as that of her colleague Anne Main, has left Diane Abbott feeling a little lost for words.

How else could you qualify the way Abbott, who is no stranger to foot-in-mouth disease, described her Tory counterparts in a series of tweets this evening?

Yes, the Shadow Public Health Minister repeatedly invoked the term, "demented" to refer to the actions of her Parliamentary colleagues, a term which is bound to cause distress to many dementia suffers, and indeed has angered Dorries herself.

In four separate tweets (while she should have been paying attention to what was going on in the Chamber, rather than tweeting), Abbott used the term that describes the sufferers of the mental health disorder dementia, to lash out at her Commons colleagues.

Can you imagine the uproar if this had been a Tory MP? Or worse still, if a UKIP councillor had called colleagues "demented"?

Abbott has however been on the end of a ticking off from a few of her Twitter followers. No apology forthcoming just yet though. And remember folks, this is Labour's Shadow Health Minister.

We'll wait until the BBC covers this one, shall we?

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