Germany seeks to block Israel from UN Security Council

A surprise German bid for a position on the UN Security Council means Israel will likely be overlooked

by The Commentator on 14 May 2013 22:54


Israeli officials have expressed anger and disappointment after a new bid from Germany appeared to rule Israel out of a rotating UN Security Council position in 2019.

The Jewish State issued a formal complaint after the Israeli Foreign Ministry said that Israel and Germany had an agreement in which Germany said it would not run for the seat. Some analysts have noted however, that Germany has a policy over running every eight years in light of its financial commitments. 

Germany is the largest provider to the United Nations behind the United States and Japan. 

The Jerusalem Post repots that Israel began the process of campaigning for the 2019-2020 slot as early as 2005, while Germany only began recently because under UN regulations, a country can only declare its candidacy for one of the 10 non-permanent slots after it completes its previous term on the council.

Israel is the only country in the region – and one of the few countries in the UN – that has never sat on the Security Council, a body that historically has had a tremendous impact on Israel and the region.

But while the German bid may have surprised many, there are some who believe that he German calculation was that Israel would not succeed in lobbying for a two-thirds majority in a 128-member General Assembly vote, and that Germany should make a bid in response to this reality.

Canada lost a bid for one of the rotating seats in 2010 - a result that was blamed on the country's friendly stance toward Israel. Germany won that seat also, gaining its fifth term on the panel.

Germany is also seeking a permanent seat on the council, along with India, Brazil and Japan. The other competitor for the seat in 2019 is Belgium.

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