Why patience matters when it comes to an In/Out referendum

Be patient. We are winning

by Douglas Carswell MP on 15 May 2013 12:23

"Why not have a Europe referendum now?" a constituent asked. He has a point.

Every continent around the world is growing - apart from Europe. Our exports with the rest of the world are rising sharply - but falling with Europe.

Being run by Brussels has left us less happy, less democratic and less free.

So let's quit! I agree. I want out. And most of the folk who read this blog will too, I'd reckon.

So why not now?

You and I might have made up our minds, but it is what the whole country thinks that counts. And the reality is that one in five folk are still undecided.

The numbers are still close enough to see our lead whittled away during a ferocious, Brussels-funded scare campaign.

To be sure of leaving the EU, we must win over the undecideds - the kind of folk who say "why can't we stay as part of a looser, decentralised Europe?"

What will win the undecides over? If every effort was made to achieve that looser, decentralised arrangement. And it failed. When that happens the position of the Outers becomes unassailable.

Be clear, it will fail. It's not just that the Eurosystem won't give us meaningful concessions. The Europhile Whitehall mandarinate are not seriously trying.

With every set of trade figures, the case for withdrawal grows stronger.

As I replied to my constituent: "I've a four year old daughter. I believe her life chances - and the life chances of every four year old - will be much better if she grows up in an independent Britain, not a failed-state called Europe. I am willing to wait until she is six or seven if that's what it takes to guarantee we leave".

Be patient. We are winning.

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