Coffee with Apple's CEO? That'll be $610,000 please!

The winning bidder in a CharityBuzz auction has agreed to pay nearly half a million pounds for "30 to 60 minutes" with Apple's CEO

by Phoenix on 15 May 2013 14:02

A CharityBuzz auction for coffee with Tim Cook closed at USD $610,000 (around £400,000) yesterday.

The bidder, whose identity is masked by the site, will meet Tim Cook on a mutually agreed-upon date for 30 to 60 minutes.

CharityBuzz won't reveal the name of the winning bidder, but it's possible that the bidder could come forward himself or herself.

Twenty percent of the winning bid goes to CharityBuzz while the remaining 80 percent goes to the RFK Center for Justice & Human Rights.

So the question I have is, is this the world's most expensive cup of coffee ever?

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