Christian leader gunned down by Islamists

A Pentecostal pastor has been murdered in Nigeria as tensions between Islamist and Christian groups mount

by The Commentator on 16 May 2013 23:56


A Christian leader was killed when suspected Islamist militants burst into his home and shot him dead, as the religious fighting in Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria, continues.

Fox News has reported that two members of terrorist group Boko Haram shot Faye Pama Mysa, a Pentecostal pastor and secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria, in his home Wednesday.

The attack came shortly after President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency because of ongoing attacks, as previously reported by The Commentator.

“The Borno CAN secretary has been killed,” CAN spokesman Kenny Asaka told the BNL news service. “We've got the report and the national president received it with heavy heart. It is very sad.”

It is feared that the murder will stoke further tensions between Christians and Muslim groups in Nigeria. The strained relations between the religious groups have been described as "at breaking point" after southern militants threatened to unleash a "crusade" against Boko Haram, the group behind a recent attack last month in which 185 people were killed.

The group that vowed to launch a campaign against the Islamists is a coalition of armed organisations that includes political and religious activists as well as criminal gangs.

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