Male botox booms in Argentina

Men are set to account for up to 40 percent of non or minimally invasive beauty treatments in Argentina over the next five years

by The Commentator on 17 May 2013 11:40


More and more Argentinian men are taking to botox in an attempt to remain youthful, reports Argentina's Clarin newspaper.

Executives and entrepreneurs in the South American country are joining around one million American men in their search for eternal youth by undergoing surgical and non-surgical procedures in order to keep them looks "fresh".

According to Dr. Sergio Korzin, director of the Lasermed Clincas de Estetica Medica, statistics show that men are now "heavy users" of botox and other treatments, representing 25 percent of aesthetic consultations in the country. Within the next five years, he claims, this figure is expected to rise to around 40 percent.

“More than the outdated paradigms of masculinity, men now mostly want to keep their face looking lively and are increasingly looking for treatments that will improve their facial expressions,” says Korzin.

The age group most inclined to take up the treatments is the 20-45 year old group, of which most are looking for non or minimally invasive treatments. "We expect those over 45 to join this trend in the next few years,” says Korzin.

Dr. Griselda Seleme, plastic surgeon and aesthetic specialist, says that in the past five years, there has been a 70 percent increase in demand for non or minimally invasive treatments for men. She adds that current beauty trends have broken the barriers that limited masculine vanity. Today men are now much more interested in how they look than before.

“Gone is the concept that beauty and care was only for women,” says Seleme. 

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