Just incompetent: The Eric Holder story

The Obama administration has more than enough to answer for with the IRS and Benghazi scandals. Now would be a good time to drop Eric

The spotlight is on Holder: Can Obama afford it to be?
Emily Schrader
On 17 May 2013 14:48

In the wake of yet another three scandals, the Obama administration is struggling to stay afloat. So how can they lighten the load? Dump the dead weight, of course; throw U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder overboard.

Holder has been an embarrassment to the American people (not to mention the Obama administration) for the entirety of his time as attorney general. Selective prosecutions, outrageous public statements, and an astounding ignorance of what’s happening in his own department – Holder has to be the front-runner for worst attorney general, ever.

Holder’s political agenda (and disregard for the rule of law) has been blatantly obvious from the start. Despite a media-described reputation for being bipartisan, Holder came into office trumpeting a profound break with previous Bush administration policies – but even the Obama administration didn’t back his left-wing agenda. In early 2010, he was criticized for pushing for the civilian court trial (as opposed to military tribunal) of five men accused of plotting the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York City, even though enemies of the state are traditionally tried in military tribunals and the Obama administration had reneged on its insistence the terrorists be tried in a civilian court.

Holder has also been an active user of the standard ‘racist’ slur. And he hasn’t been afraid to use the power of his office to enforce his views. When, in the face of lax federal enforcement of immigration law, Arizona passed legislation to deal with an influx of illegal immigrants, Holder applauded its efforts to find a legal remedy. Oh, wait – no, he sued them. And argued the law was racist against Latinos.

When multiple states passed voter ID laws in an effort to minimize voter fraud, Holder applauded their efforts to keep our election system transparently honest. Oh, wait – no, he compared the new legislation to Jim Crow segregation laws, and pledged to “aggressively” fight them regardless of how the U.S. Supreme Court decides on pending voter ID law cases.

Speaking of ethical elections, he also dropped a suit in 2009 brought forth originally under the Bush administration, dealing with the New Black Panther Party and voter intimidation. He cited a “lack of evidence” despite the fact that everyone in America saw the pictures of the men in paramilitary uniforms wielding billy clubs outside a polling place on Election Day. Aspects of this case are still being argued, no doubt partly because Holder has made his own race obsession (aka racism) so evident.

That obsession was on display again when Holder referred to American blacks as “my people” while claiming that average Americans don’t talk enough about race. Many Americans, under the impression that an attorney general speaking of his people should mean all of us, were profoundly disillusioned.

But credit where credit is due – Holder’s inability to focus on the correct issues is applied even beyond racial issues, and can encompass religious issues as well. After the recent Boston Marathon bombing, Holder emphasized in a speech to the Anti-Defamation League that the Justice Department would protect Muslims from crimes of retaliation. That was his focus; not that his Department of Justice would prosecute to the fullest extent the radical Islamist terrorists who actually committed the despicable act of terror. Given his focus on “hate crimes”, it’s strange that he has never thought to discuss the fact that there are ten times as many hate crimes committed against Jews than Muslims in the United States.

Even while failing to deal with Muslims fomenting terror within our borders while here on expired visas, he’s busily pushing the deportation of a German Christian homeschool family. Holder knows a threat when he sees one! And he is quite possibly the ultimate role model for putting a craven worship of political correctness above his own legal duties.

A beautiful example of this occurred in 2011, when Holder decided, despite his duty outlined in the Constitution, that he would no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act. Because, well, he didn’t like it. But see, here’s how America works. Regardless of how the attorney general feels about any given issue, he doesn’t get to pick and choose things that make him feel warm and fuzzy to work on, and he certainly doesn’t get to legislate from the Justice Department. You know, branches of government, checks and balances – all that pesky stuff Mr. Holder simply ignores.

This cherry-picking and outright partisanship has only worsened throughout his time in office, as demonstrated by his eagerness to take on some cases while blatantly giving others a pass. In the “nothing to see hear, move along” category were egregious crimes committed in the costly failure of a financial firm run by Democrat Jon Corzine. Holder claimed that prosecuting that corporation might have a “negative effect on the economy.” Never mind that the firm “misplaced” $1.6 billion dollars of customer money.

Agenda-driven prosecutions, partisanship, political correctness and overt racism – quite a laundry list, no? Now add in profound incompetence. The federal “gunwalking” operation, Fast and Furious, which involved U.S. agents supplying weapons to drug traffickers in order to snag “bigger fish,” resulted in thousands of guns mysteriously vanishing (although one of them did turn up being used to kill one of our own U.S. Border Patrol agents).

But Holder, under interrogation regarding the scandal, “had no idea” what was going on. Throughout the Congressional investigation into the operation, Holder claimed he knew nothing – despite the fact that documents demonstrated he was briefed on the operation throughout 2010. Giving contradictory testimony at times, Holder fought the investigation every step of the way, and is to date the only U.S. Attorney General ever to be held in contempt of Congress.

And now we come to the current mess. A few days ago the news broke that the Justice Department had secretly obtained two months’ worth of phone records of AP reporters and editors leading up to the 2012 re-election of Barack Obama. This shocking violation of first amendment rights (not to mention the gross privacy intrusion) was allegedly invoked for “security purposes.” Holder has “recused” himself from this case and claims, yet again, that he had no idea what his people were doing.

All this leads to a key question: if Holder never has any idea what’s going on, if he isn’t interested in fulfilling the responsibilities of the job, if he’s more interested in pushing his political whims than following the rule of law – then why on earth is he in charge of the United States Department of Justice? The Obama administration has more than enough to answer for with the IRS and Benghazi scandals – they can begin to clean house by demanding that Eric Holder step down immediately.

Emily Schrader is a researcher for a pro-Israel education organisation and a blogger at www.danareport.com

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