London gay hate attack leaves magazine editor beaten

Christopher Bryant, editor of gay and lesbian magazine Polari, was viciously beaten in an anti-gay attack last night

by The Commentator on 20 May 2013 12:09


The editor of an online gay and lesbian magazine was brutally attacked last night in South London, according to a report today in Gay Star News.

Christopher Bryant, the editor of Polari magazine, and his partner Damon were apparently walking home from Bryant’s birthday dinner through South London’s Betts Park when the couple was intercepted by a group of six men.

After realising they were being followed, the two men started running, after which the group of six gave chase and apparently caught Christopher's partner Damon.

Bryant told Gay Star News: "It all went down so fast."

His report states that he doubled-back to try to get the attackers off his partner when they beat him to the ground, kicking his face and saying "stay down, faggot". Bryant said that every time he tried to look up, his attackers would kick him in the face and said "don’t try anything".

The attackers stole Bryant’s wallet and phone before pushing him back to his partner and telling them to stay still for five minutes or they would be killed. The attackers ran off shortly after.

Bryant told Gay Star News that the couple was in the hospital emergency room for hours, and images show his face being badly cut and bruised. His partner was kicked in the back and suffered injuries to his hip.

Police are investigating the attack and looking for suspects. After reviewing CCTV, the police were initially unable to track the suspects leaving the park.

The attack comes just one day after International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO), a global campaign to raise awareness against gay hate.

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