Galloway: Assad must be "quite a man"

British MP George Galloway now admits, "I am not in any doubt which side I am on" over the Syrian civil war

by Media Hawk on 20 May 2013 12:44

Another in a long string of Galloway statements that I've reported in recent days. Take a look at the Best of Galloway from this month by clicking here, but make sure you watch the video below to see Galloway called Assad, "quite a man". 

He claims, after conflating a video of a man eating a human heart with Israel, Britain, America and Qatar, that he is "not in any doubt which side I am on - are you?"

Well thanks for clearing that up George, because just a few days ago he didn't seem to like when someone accused him of defending Bashar al-Assad.

Hat-tip GallowayWatch

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