Has Cameron finally jumped the shark with swivel-gate?

Time to bet on how long Cameron lasts as leader?

by Andrew Ian Dodge on 21 May 2013 10:10

Not to belabour an analogy, but has Cameron finally jumped the shark with swivel-gate? According to the latest poll the Tories are only 2 percent ahead of UKIP. Of course it is even worse for the upcoming Euro-elections where UKIP is within 1 percent of Labour, way ahead of the Conservative Party. And Conservatives are in full-on panic mode.

Counsellors are ditching the Conservative Party for UKIP on an almost daily basis. What exactly Cameron and his cabinet have in mind to stem the implosion is beyond pretty much everyone. “Better a clown than a swivel-eyed loon. We are glad to be leaving the Tory circus”, remarked two ex-Tory counsellors this week.

But what will happen if UKIP overtake the Tories in the popular polls? Will the party carry on as usual, ignoring its braying activists, and hope for the best? Will Tory MPs bolt the party for UKIP like counsellors or will they call for Cameron’s head to be presented to the Parliamentary Party on a Carlton Club silver plate? What will it take for the Conservative Party, or what is left of it, to rise up in armed rebellion against its ineffectual leader?

And what is it going to look like for David Cameron to have a policy passed into law thanks to the opposition and without much support for his own party? Over 100 Tory MPs are said to be voting against gay marriage tonight; it remains to be seen how many more such events Cameron can withstand before seeing some sort of challenge.

You know Cameron is in trouble when the only paper sticking up for his modernising efforts is The Guardian, bemoaning the fact he hasn’t been able to rein and mould his party.

Ultimately, it’ll most likely be UKIP blowing past the Conservative Party in opinions polls that will prompt the Tories in the House of Commons to finally challenge Cameron’s leadership. Their desire to keep their jobs in two years’ time will overcome all but the most loyal of them all.

Time to bet on how long Cameron lasts as leader?

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