Does this video show Pope Francis performing an exorcism?

A new video has surfaced, which some claim shows Pope Francis performing an exorcism in front of cameras in St. Peter's Square

by The Commentator on 21 May 2013 10:12


A new video has emerged which purports to show the new Pontiff of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, performing an exorcism in front of cameras in St Peter's Square.

The footage was taken immediately after Pentecostal mass on Sunday 19th May and appears to show the Pontiff approach the second of two wheelchair bound people, place his hands on his head, and begin to recite a prayer.

As Pope Francis continues, the man's jaw drops and he sinks into his wheelchair, exhaling sharply.

La Repubblica quotes an exorcism expert has saying: “It was a prayer of liberation from evil or even a real exorcism.”

But the Vatican has played down such claims, stating, "The Holy Father did not intend to perform any exorcism," Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said in a statement, after the claims by TV 2000.

"As he often does with sick and suffering people who are presented to him, he simply intended to pray for the suffering person," Lombardi said.


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