EU set to add Hezbollah "military wing" to terror list

Following British intervention, the European Union is poised to add Hezbollah's crudely defined "military wing" to its official list of terror organisations

by The Commentator on 21 May 2013 15:15


Following a formal request by the United Kingdom, the European Union is poised to add a branch of the Lebanese terror outfit Hezbollah to its official list of terrorist organisations.

The issue, which has been at the forefront of foreign policy negotiations on the continent for many months now, looks to finally be resolved following the revelations broken by The Commentator that Hezbollah was indeed thought to be responsible for the Burgas attack in Bulgaria.

Agence France-Presse reported that Britain formally had petitioned the EU to blacklist the group which is already proscribed in its entirety in Israel and the United States. 

But the EU may not go as far, seeking only to add the arbitrarily defined "military wing" of Hezbollah to its list, matching Britain's listing of the organisation. The Netherlands, Bahrain, Canada, Israel and the United States all blacklist the organisation in its entirety. Australia also makes a distinction. 

Associate Director for the Henry Jackson Society, Douglas Murray, wrote for The Commentator last year, "The excuse which Britain – and now the EU – have adopted is that there is a distinction between the ‘political’ and ‘military’ wings of Hezbollah.  They pretended the same thing with Hamas until that fiction was admitted to.  But both the British government and the EU continue with the pretence in the case of Hezbollah.  

"In reality the political and military wings of Hezbollah are exactly the same thing.  The organisation is extraordinarily clearly structured.  All decisions come from or go through only two people – Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, the group’s Secretary General, and the Supreme Leader in Tehran."

Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of Hezbollah has previously stated that a proscription of his group’s activities in the EU would "destroy" the organisation.  If it happened, he said, "[t]he sources of our funding will dry up and the sources of moral, political and material support will be destroyed."

The agreement to blacklist the military wing is set to come to fruition by the end of June, according to diplomats. 

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