Social network faces backlash over callous Woolwich tweet

The Friends Reunited website is facing backlash after tweeting callously about the incident in Woolwich, London, this afternoon

by Media Hawk on 22 May 2013 16:07

The Drum reports that social networking website Friends Reunited is facing a backlash from Twitter users after tweeting a callous statement about Woolwich following the violent incident in South London today.

The tweet, which has now been deleted, can still be seen through the screengrab (right) and appears to jump on the news emerging after the shootings and 'beheading' in Woolwich.

Friends Reunited is described as a "portfolio of social networking websites based upon the themes of reunion with research, dating and job-hunting". It tweeted a black and white picture of Woolwich, stating, "Woolwich, in quieter days.. long before alleged shootings and beheadings of today.."

Twitter users asked, "Presume the @FriendsReunited social media manager doesn't have family/loved ones/feelings of any sort?" and "FYI Any brands thinking of being 'reactive' like @FriendsReunited and tweeting around the horrific events in Wolwich. Don't. Just Don't".

One user demanded an apology, tweeting, "So are @FriendsReunited going to apologize for their previous tweet? Or just pretend it didn't happen..."

The site describes itself as "a British social networking pioneer."

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