Italian Communists blame capitalism for London terror attack

The Green Party and Islamist sympathisers once again find common cause following London's terrorist incident this week

by Scourge of the Left on 24 May 2013 10:14

Sometimes in conversation, whether it be with those on the Right, or those on the Left, I will make mention of the 'Red-Green' alliance.

This is slightly different from James Delingpole's take on 'Watermelons', but we've seen over the last few days how a particular narrative can still pervade amongst the Left, hard-Left, Islamists and environmental types. An e-mail I just received from Italy's Partito Comunista serves to highlight such facts.

Yesterday, we saw how Green Party leader Natalie Bennett sought to blame Britain itself for the terror attack this week. We've heard similarly bunk arguments from Anjem Choudary, MPACUK, Guardian columnists and now, Italy's Communist Party.

It's funny how in times like these, the 'fellow traveller' links that are often denied on the Left come on in force. Have a read of this statement by 'Alain Fissore', and tell me you wouldn't be surprised hearing it from Choudary or reading it in the Guardian. Yes, these are the real Watermelons, my friends. 'Eco'-green on the outside, Communist red on the inside, and rotten to the core...


“Death in Woolwich: stop British Capitalism’s poisonous narrative on the people of Britain.”

The tragic death of a British soldier in Woolwich on the 22nd of May clearly shows the people of Britain what are the consequences of Capitalist wars in the Middle East. The main responsability for the soldier’s death in Woolwich must be given to US and British Imperialism in its attempt to expand US and British economical and political influence in areas of the World which are not interested in Western Capitalist corrupted values. The illegal wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq, the Western responsability in the so-called ‘Arab Springs’, the Western weapons, money, and training given to extremists in Syria in order to destroy Assad’s legitimate Government represent a modern form of colonialism. The death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in countries like Palestine, Lybia, Iraq, and Syria by the hands of Western armies is the reason why the people of the Middle East are now angry with the illegal wars that are being fought there at the moment .

The British people are too intelligent to fall for the lies of the Capitalist Middle class which is now asking to the whole country to fight together against what they call terrorism. The wars in the Middle East are being paid with the ultimate sacrifice of many British young lives belonging to Proletarian families, while the huge and useless cost of those wars is paid entirely by the working class of Britain. It is time to condemn British wars in the Middle East carried out only to preserve the failures of Capitalism in Britain. It is time to stop the poisonous narrative of British Capitalism on the people of Britain. 

Mr. Alain Fissore.

British branch “Pietro Secchia”                                                                                                

Comunisti Sinistra Popolare

Partito Comunista  

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